Sunday 24 January 2010

My policy on comments

Worth revisiting my policy on comments/spam on my blog, for lose who came in late.
The comments section to this blog is not moderated, which means that any comments added to a post appear immediately. It is also possible to post anonymously in the comments section, and not only is their no restriction on this, the posts are truly anonymous (ie I do not know who has made an anonymous post). Of course you are able to (and encouraged to) identify yourself in any post you make, especially if you are looking for a reply from me. While I think the mark of an interesting blog is interaction between author and readers, I have a personal policy of not responding to anonymous posts (even when I really, really want to). So you have the freedom to post anonymously, I just exercise my freedom to ignore you.
Of course this policy does allow spam to pop up in the comments section. This has become more frequent recently. Some of it is relatively innocuous (such as the banal 'I think your blog is better now' type 'testing' posts to see if I am moderating), to the annoying 'come and visit my possibly criminal website'. In the end I'm not going to pull these posts as you can simply skim over them, or see them for the dross that they are. As for comments which may be abusive or offensive, they seem to be a rarity on this blog (especially compared to foums which have a moderation policy that professes to deal with them). Again I wil leave them there, although I do sometime attach a *not safe for work* tag the post, again leaving up to you own judgement about what you can and cannot read.
Overall, while the amount of comments on this blog are fairly light, they are normally pretty good, and I encourage anyone with a point of view to add to the debate.


Paul said...

I like your blog and I try to be civil. Some people don't respect anyone.KEEP UP THE GOOOD WORK...

Ako said...

i got it

ok, keep on writing, and i'll read it.

Kevin Bonham said...

Shaun, I strongly think you should delete all spam, for at least two reasons.

Firstly, failure to delete spam can often encourage more of the same. I have experience of this on another forum where we left a particular spam up because it was funny (contrary to our normal policy of deleting it at once) and soon found that thread was a major magnet for further spam that we were continually having to delete.

Secondly it's all very well to say that the reader can just skim over the spam, but if a thread is showing only 1 comment and the reader clicks on the comment section to read that comment, only to find it is just spam, then the reader has wasted their time and feels cheated. And rightly so.

Spam deletion is a fundamental and necessary criterion for any blog or forum to be taken seriously in my view. Not deleting spam is like playing chess without knowing how the horsey moves.

Anonymous said...

Oi! Kevin! I think SP, being a grown up, knows what he wants to do with his blog. Your input is worse dross than the spam. Find something else to do with your time other than pompous pontification, narcissist.

Kevin Bonham said...

Matthew, I'm assuming you're Matthew Sweeney - nobody else I know of called Matthew in the Aus chess scene would bother with such a feeble but abusive flame complete with the usual clueless armchair-psych-hack rubbish at the end.

Proceding on that assumption, that a person is an adult in the eyes of the law does not prove they know how to run an online forum or website successfully, and your own very dismal failures are abundant proof of that. As such your advice is useless and as usual your assessments are warped by your usual charming troll talent for letting hate get in the way of all rational brain functions.

Furthermore just because Shaun is a big boy doesn't mean he has necessarily thought everything through. I have already demonstrated that his excuse for not cleaning up the spam is underperceptive to say the least.

Anonymous said...


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