Friday, 29 January 2010

Gibtelecom Masters

The 8th Gibtelecom Masters is underway in Gibraltar. As usual the Masters section is crammed with GM's head by French GM Etienne Bacrot. GM Michael Adams is also taking part in the big swiss (and currently shares first place), which is a little bit of a surprise, as up until last year he was more of your 'Elite GM Round Robin' player.
The only Australian player in the field (that I could spot) was Ibrahim Ogada-Osir who is on 1.5/3, along with a popular visitor to these shores, Henrik Mortensen.
While the homepage for the event is top notch as always, the organisers have added a little extra with live video feeds of GM Stuart Conquests commentary. The link for this feature is here, and the action should begin at Midnight Canberra time.

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MachoM said...

Ibrahim and I are pleased to be mentioned... So far we are both overperforming.