Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Bobby Cheng wins Australian Junior

World Under 12 Champion Bobby Cheng is the new Australian Junior Champion, the youngest in the tournaments history. He scored 10/11 finishing ahead of Andrew Brown on 9/11. The decisive game between the 2 players was in round 6, which Cheng won, as both players finished the event with 4.5 points over the last 5 rounds.
In the under 12 Championship, top seed Andrew Pan totally dominated the event with a Fischer-esque 11/11. Second placed Joshua Behar finished a full 2.5 points back. The girls championship was won by Leteisha Simmonds after defeating Abbie Kanagarajah in the playoff for the title, after both finished on 8/11. The under 12 girls championship saw another perfect score after Savithri Narenthren scored 9/9 in the 10 player event.
Full standings and title winners in the other age groups can be found at the tournament website.


Anonymous said...

Where do I need to click on the official site to see a final standing? It is not clear :-(.

Anonymous said...

Try this link


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