Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Just take the draw

The 2014 chess year started off quite poorly for me, with a couple of first round losses in club events really throwing me off balance. Since then I've been trying to right the ship, although I'm not really player 'result oriented' chess. An example of this was a game last week where I survived a dubious position in the opening, and was quite happy to take a draw. But every time I found a drawing line, my opponent avoided it, but at the cost of making his position worse. Somewhat exasperated by this turn of events, I finally offered a draw having just won material. My opponent did take it, which was just as well, as I was around +10 in the final position!
Tonight I gave another opponent a chance to take a draw, after sacrificing a rook and a piece. If he took the second piece I had no choice but to repeat, but I did not mind this. Unfortunately he miscalculated a defence, and instead walked into a mating net.

Press,Shaun - Hosking,Ian [B24]
University Cup, 18.03.2014

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