Wednesday, 12 March 2014

2014 ANU Masters - Week 5

The 2014 ANU Masters continues to be a combative affair, with another 3 decisive games during round 5. In the first game to finish, FM Junta Ikeda took advantage of Fred Litchfields decision to uncoordinate his pieces, and crashed through the centre of the board with a simple tactic. Miles Patterson quickly gained a good position after some sloppy opening play by Adrian de Noskowski in a Benko Gambit. taking advantage of open lines on the queenside, Patterson was then able to build up a winning attack, despite very few pieces remaining on the board. In the final game of the night, Wenlin Yin used a passed d pawn to eventually break down Alana Chibnall's resistance. A miscalculation at the end cost her a rook and the game.
IM Andrew Broan and Andrey Bliznyuk played their 5th round games a few week earlier, with the game ending in a hard fought draw.
After 5 rounds IM Andrew Brown leads with 4.5 followed by Fred Litchfield on 3. However there a still some outstanding games to be played, meaning the standings are likely to change quickly.

Ikeda,Junta (2338) - Litchfield,Frederick (1898)
2014 ANU Masters Canberra AUS (5), 05.03.2014

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