Saturday 29 March 2014

2014 ACT Championship - Day 4

After 7 rounds of the 2014 ACT Championship, FM Junta Ikeda holds a one point lead over nearest rival, IM Andrew Brown. Ikeda scored 2 wins in today's rounds, over Harry Press and Jeff Suptut, while Brown won his round 6 game, before taking a half point bye for round 7. Third place is shared between Andrey Bliznyuk, Harry Press and Stephen Priest, a point and a half behind Ikeda.
While most results went according to rating, there were a couple of upsets. Stephen Priest dropped a pawn in the opening to Michael Kethro but turned it around to eventually win enough material to win the game. Siddhant Badrinarayan beat Cam Cunningham and Paul Dunn to move above 50%, while Albert Winkelman and Indis Daniswara are also placed well above their seeding.
Full results and games from this tournament can be found here. Tomorrow's first round will see Junta Ikeda  up against 3rd seed Andrey Bliznyuk, while Andrew Brown players Harry Press.

Suptut,Jeff (1723) - Dunn,Paul (1143) [B10]
2014 ACT Championship Canberra, Australia (6.5), 29.03.2014

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