Friday, 7 March 2014

Ballarat Begonia Open

Despite it being one of the largest weekend events in Australia, I've never played (or visited) the Ballarat Begonia Open. But this year I change at least half of the equation, as I am heading down to Ballarat on Monday to see the last day, as well as attend the Oceania Chess Confederations General Meeting.
The tournament has been running for 48 years, which means it started the year I was born. I even lived in Ballarat when I was younger (for six months only), but as a 5 year old, I had yet to take an interest in chess.
Since it started the numbers have gone up and down (the same as most Australian events), but in recent years it has attracted large fields. This year has two extra attractions, with the tournament doubling as the 2014 Oceania Chess Championships, and GM Nigel Short visiting the event to present prizes.
Details of the event are available from the Ballarat Chess Club page, and you can still enter the event tomorrow, at the venue. I'm not sure about game broadcasting and score updates, but the tournament webpage should have some of the details.

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