Wednesday, 5 March 2014

2014 ANU Masters - Week 4

The fourth week of the 2014 ANU Masters saw 2 pretty one sided games, and one fairly tame draw.
Fred Litchfield continued his good run in the tournament, scoring his third victory after winning Adrian de Noskowski's queen. de Noskowski thought he was winning an exchange, but failed to spot a one move reply which left his queen with no squares to go. With the advantage of queen for rook Litchfield had no difficulty in winning the game.
Alana Chibnall met IM Andrew Brown's Sicilian with a Grand Prix attack. However a moments inattention in the opening resulted in her losing a piece on move 8, although she played on until move 16 before throwing in the towel.
Miles Patterson and Wenlin Yin drew a game where patient manoeuvring resulted in a blocked pawn structure and a bishop of opposite colours  ending. Although the game lasted 52 moves, a draw could have been agreed to earlier.
IM Andrew Brown leads with 4/4 (or 4.5/5 as he has played an extra game), with Fred Litchfield in 3. FM Junta Ikeda still has some catch up games to play, so he may move up the leaders board shortly.

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