Saturday 22 March 2014

2014 ACT Championship Day 2

The second day of the 2014 ACT Championship proved a tough one for the majority of participants. In the morning round top seed FM Junta Ikeda was could only draw with Michael Kethro. At one point Ketro was better, but after missing a strong continuation was forced to defend an ending a pawn down, but held on until move 107, when a draw was agreed. IM Andrew Brown had a better day, with two wins taking him to 3/3. In the afternoon round he was worse in the opening against Alana Chibnall, but after Chibnall went pawn grabbing Brown quickly seized the initiative and caught Chibnall's king in a mating net.
Dillon Haithiramani is proving to be the surprise player of the event, drawing with Harry Press in the second round, following this up with a good win over Michael Kethro in round 3. Joining Hathiramani in second place are Junta Ikeda, Brian Butler, Adrian De Noskowski and Andrey Bliznyuk.
Tommorow sees round 4&5, with the top two seeds playing in the morning round. Results from the tournament can be found at, along with a pgn file of the games played so far.

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