Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Things that keep me out at night

A late finish at the Belconnen Chess Club last nights means that what was supposed to be yesterdays blog post is now this mornings post instead.
While I was engaging in some long over due rook and pawn endgame practice (including demonstrating one of the many drawing ideas in KR+KRrP towards the end of my game), I was also watching over a re-arranged game from the 2013 ANU Masters. Nominally the Masters is only up to round 6 (in part because last weeks round was postponed), but there have been a few extra games played ahead of schedule. FM Junta Ikeda has actually finished all his games (due to his departure to Japan for university) and currently leads with 7/9. However IM Andrew Brown is still sitting on 6/6, giving him 3 more games to score at least 1 point to catch Ikeda.
Also Kishore Sreetharan and Jeremy Reading played their last round last night. At first it looked as though Kishore was on top, especially after his f5-f5-f6 plan, but Jeremy held on, and by around move 28 was clearly better. He then missed the strength of 30.e5, which should have lead to a draw by perpetual, but having 'fallen in love with his position', kept playing for a win, only to see his attack falter. After that, the ending was lost for him.

Sreetharan,Kishore - Reading,Jeremy (1888)
2013 ANU Masters Canberra, Australia AUS (9), 09.04.2013

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