Thursday 11 April 2013

Belconnen Chess Club

Time to give a shout out to Belconnen Chess Club (in Canberra Australia), with the idea of encouraging more players to play there. At various times over the last couple of years there have been 12 to 16 players in their tournaments but this year has seen bit of a decline. Interestingly the decline is in the middle strength players, rather than at the top, which is often more common.
Currently there is a group of 1700+ rated players (which is relatively strong for the Canberra scene), and a smattering of 1500- players. The difficulty for the lower rated players is getting that 'gradual' competition in tournament, in that they either play amongst themselves, or 'bounce up' to the top group, which is often a step too far.
So what the club is after are the 1300-1600 rated players who are keen to test themselves against stronger opposition. If you are in that rating group, and are looking for chess on a Tueday night in Canberra, then the Belconnen Chess Club should suit you (Note: The club will of course welcome players of any strength!)
The club meets on Tuesday nights from 7:00pm in Building 18 University of Canberra. The address is 170 Hayden Drive Bruce (on the other side of Hayden Drive from the main Campus). Currently the club is running the Peter Murphy Memorial Tournament, and late entries are welcome.

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