Sunday 21 April 2013

2013 Bangkok Open - Zong Yuan Zhao wins outright

Australian GM Zong Yuan Zhao has won the 2013 Bangkok Chess Club Open, after a quick draw in the final round. The draw moved him to 7.5/9 and left him alone in first place, after the results on the next couple of boards fell his way. Zhao went through the tournament undefeated and finished with a TPR of 2695.
IM Max Illingworth was the next best of the Australian players, finishing in a tie for 17th place, with 6/9. Tim Reilly and Fedja Zulfic finished on 4.5.
Key to Zhao's victory was his round 8 win against tournament top seed Nigel Short. Zhao sacrificed 3 pawns for an attack and by move 30 was up a Queen for 2 pieces+2 pawns. Short continued to fight in the position but eventually Zhao's Queen overcame White's pieces.
Full results from the tournament can be found here.

Short,Nigel - Zhao,Zong Yuan [A07]
2013 Thailand Open, 20.04.2013

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Anonymous said...

Watched that game online. The black queen ruled the board. Top effort by an Aussie overseas!