Wednesday, 10 April 2013

2013 ANU Masters - Week 8

The 2013 ANU Masters resumed tonight, after a two week break. FM Junta Ikeda was the 'club house' leader, having completed his tournament already. but IM Andrew Brown only needed a point to tie his score. In the top rated clash of the round, Brown gained the point after beating Michael Wei. Having built up a strong attack, Brown was quickly rewarded after a miscalculation cost Wei a piece.
Andrey Bliznyuk stayed in third place after beating Adrian De Noskowski. Bliznyuk gained a number of positional advantages in the middlegame, and despite attempts by De Noskowski to mix it up, he won without too much difficulty. Kishore Sreetharan and Yijun Zhang drw their game, while in the final game of the night Jeremy Reading beat Steven Sengstock. At first sight the double rook ending looked drawn, but a pawn sacrifice by Reading enabled a decisive opening of the position, and he soon collected the point.

Bliznyuk,Andrey (2179) - De Noskowski ,Adrian (1907)
2013 ANU Masters Canberra, Australia AUS (8), 10.04.2013

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