Thursday, 25 April 2013

2013 ANU Masters - Final week

While the top 3 places in the 2013 ANU had already been decided, the final week of tournament threw up one big surprise. IM Andrew Brown, looking to finish with 9/9, suffered a shock loss to tournament back marker Adrian De Noskowski. Brown played his usual Kings Indian Defence, and played for a king side attack while De Noskowski took space on the queenside. Although it looked as though Brown was one move away from winning, tenacious defence from De Noskowski kept him at bay. As the attack ran out of steam, De Noskowski was able to push his passed queenside pawn, and suddenly Brown was facing two queens. De Noskowski then returned material to simplify into a winning ending.
Michael Wei beat Steven Sengstock in a long rook and pawn ending. Wei won a pawn in the late middlegame, but then needed a a number of moves to convert this advantage into a win. Kishore Sreetharan finished the tournament on 50% after a win over Justin Chow. Sreetharan picked up a pawn due to a back rank mate threat, and won shortly after.
There is still one final game to be played in this tournament, although the result will not effect the top placings.  IM Andrew Brown finished first with 8/9, with FM Junta Ikeda on 7/9 and Andrey Bliznyuk on 6/9.
Full results, standings, and a pgn file of all the games played can be found at the ANU Chess Club website (look under Current Tournaments)

De Noskowski,Adrian (1907) - Brown,Andrew (2295)
2013 ANU Masters Canberra, Australia AUS (7), 24.04.2013

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