Sunday, 3 February 2013

The fingerslip

Every now and then we lose due to a fingerslip. Often this is because we calculate a tactical sequence, and then play the moves out of order. It is even worse when we skip over a move ie having calculated a tactical sequence we start with the second move, forgetting the capture/recapture that kicks the whole thing off.
And it doesn't just happen in over the board chess. I've fallen victim to it in CC, losing the game after dropping a pawn for nothing. However the following game is far worse. Played in a CC Thematic event, both players were still in book when White played 16.Qc2?? which dropped a piece. He simply forgot to play 16.Nxd6+ first!

Simon,Bernard (2354) - Mason,Ian J (2195)
WSTT/6/08/F ICCF, 25.01.2010

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