Friday, 15 February 2013

2013 ACT Championship - Day 1

A field of 28 players assembled for the 2013 ACT Championship. While the turnout was similar to previous years, the tournament is probably a little weaker at the top. The top two seeds are FM Junta Ikeda and IM Andrew Brown, but it falls away after that. Ian Rout, Allen Setiabudi and Adrian de Noskowski are the next 3 seeds, while WFM Megan Setiabudi is the only other titles player in the field. While there is potential for an upset from amongst anyone in the top 10, it already looks like the game between the two top seeds will decide the title.
Although most of the first round results went according to ratings there were a couple of upsets. Allen Setiabudi drew with the fast improving Alfric Gardiner-Garden, while Adrian de Noskowski drew with David McDonald. Down on board 13 unrated Joe Lee defeated Eric McPherson in one of the last games t finish.
Results from the first round are available at (Click here)

Gardiner-Garden,Aelfric - Setiabudi,Allen (1946) [A00]
2013 ACT Championship Canberra, Australia (1.4), 15.02.2013

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