Sunday, 17 February 2013

2013 ACT Championship - Day 3

After 5 rounds FM Junta Ikeda leads the 2013 ACT Championship on 5/5. Tied for second place after the first weekend are IM Andrew Brown and Harry Press on 4/5.
The morning round saw the Brown - Ikeda clash. Brown entered the middle game with an isolated d pawn, but some extra space and well developed pieces provided adequate compensation. He was able to target some weaknesses on the king side, and by move 40 had started to gain an advantage. Unfortunately this came at the expense of his thinking time, and just as  he reached a winning position, he lost on time. A tragic loss after a well played game.
In the 5th round Ikeda then played WFM Megan Setiabudi, taking an early advantage and winning in a fairly straightforward manner. Brown recovered from his 4th round loss with a win over Erick McPherson, who has proved to be a real surprise packet in this years event. On board three Harry Press caught Ian Rout in a mating net to to join Brown on 4.
The tournament continues next weekend with Ikeda v Press on the top board. Full results can be found here, while games can be download from here.

Brown,Andrew (2295) - Ikeda,Junta (2362)
2013 ACT Championship Canberra, Australia (4.1), 17.02.2013


Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun,

The last two moves were actually Rc1 and Rc7.


Shaun Press said...

OK. Thanks Andrew. I'll correct that here, and in the game file later