Sunday, 24 February 2013

2013 ACT Championship - Final Day

The 2013 ACT Championship came to a somewhat surprising end, when overnight leader FM Junta Ikeda was held to 2 draws on the final day, allowing IM Andrew Brown to take a share of first place. In the morning round Ikeda found it difficult to get any advantage against a determined Aelfric Gardiner-Garden, and the game was drawn after a Queen and Knight ending was reached. Meanwhile IM Andrew Brown played an adventurous exchange sacrifice against Ian Rout, seemingly for insufficient compensation. However in trying to strengthen his attack, Rout overlooked a tactical refutation and lost shortly after.
Theses results left Ikeda half a point in front going into the final round. Brown increased the pressure on Ikeda with a quick win over Adrian de Noskowski, while Ikeda still had to beat Allan Setiabudi. Setiabudi defended well, but with a draw in sight played a move that gave Ikeda the chance he need. However short of time Ikeda failed to to find the correct follow up (37.Qh4+) resulting in an equal position. However Ikeda made one more attempt at winning, but when he realised this might backfire on him, bailed out with a draw and a share of the title.
Harry Press and Victor Braguine finished in third place, after last round wins. Braguine also picked up the best Under 1800 prize, while Aelfric Gardiner-Garden and Bazli Karattyattil  were the best Under 1400 players. Joe Lee picked up the prize for best Under 1200/Unrated with an impressive 5/9.
Full results from this event can be found here, while games from the tournament can be downloaded here.

Ikeda,Junta (2362) - Setiabudi,Allen (1946)
2013 ACT Championship Canberra, Australia (9.1), 24.02.2013

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