Sunday, 1 April 2012

2012 O2C Doeberl Cup - Last week for entries

The 2012 O2C Doeberl Cup is only a few days away, so if you haven't entered you better do so now. Entries have passed the 200 mark, although barring a last minute rush, I cannot see the field breaking the record of 250 set a few years ago. This is a bit of a shame given that it is the 50th Doeberl Cup, but at least it will be special for those that do play.
The Premier suffered a slight setback with a couple of GM's pulling out, including last years champion Andrei Deviatkin, who recently suffered a broken leg. Despite this he did make enquiries about whether he could still travel to the tournament, but was told that flying from Europe in that condition was very unwise. This means that there is room for only 12 more players in the Premier, so obviously now is the time to enter.
A couple of people have been asking about the draw for the tournaments. As in past years entries for the Premier close at Midday Wednesday (4th April this year) and the pairings will be done in the evening, at the ANU Chess Club. The pairings for the Major and the Minor will be done on Thursday evening at the venue (Entries for these events close Midday Thursday).
If you haven't entered but wish to do so then go to the Doeberl Cup website and fill in your details. No entries will be accepted at the venue.

(*Note: I am a paid official for this event)

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Really? You're a paid offical at this event? I woule have never had known that!

Thanks Shaun.