Monday, 30 April 2012

Far away, and not so close

You would think that if I could get myself as far as Lausanne, I would manage to go a little further and reach Zurich, to see at least part of the Kramnik v Aronian match. However I did not quite do this, and therefore missed seeing an entertaining match. In fact I did a better job of following the match while I was here in Australia, than I did when I reached Europe.
So having returned home, I've just caught up with the fact that it ended 3-3. After 1 win each in the first half, neither player could make the breakthrough in the second half. However the final game looked quite exciting, with Kramnik giving up material in the hope of queening a pawn. In fact that this did happen, but after Aronian returned a rook, the game ended in a draw.

Aronian,Levon (2820) - Kramnik,Vladimir (2801) [C65]
Zurich Chess Challenge Zurich SUI (6), 27.04.2012

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