Thursday, 12 April 2012

2012 Sydney International Open - Day 1

Today saw the first two rounds of the Sydney International Open, and despite the general dominance of the top seeds there still a couple of upsets. In the first round Alek Safarian arrived 20 minutes late but still managed to hold the draw with GM Gergely Szabo. Round 2 saw a number of enticing pairings (IM Lane v FM Jones being a particular favourite) but a repeat of a round 2 pairing from the Doeberl Cup was the most fascinating. IM Praveen Kumar was paired with GM Deep Sengupta, as in Canberra, and at the appointed starting time Sengupta was once again not at the board. However he did arrive soon afterwoods (unlike Canberra) but Praveen Kumar played a very good game to upset his higher rated countryman. At the end of 2 rounds there 13 players on 2/2. Tomorrow mornings round will see a couple of young Australian players taking the overseas visitors on the top boards. Live coverage will commence from 10am at the tournament website.

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