Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A lack of self awareness

I came across a story from Gizmodo on a chess set that transforms into a robot. However it wasn't the concept that attracted my attention, but the opening paragraph
The game of chess has long been viewed as a pursuit for nerds. But that’s totally going to change with Joseph Larson’s Thingiverse creation — a custom chess set where all the pieces come together to form a super robot ala Voltron.
As a chessplayer, and someone who works in robotics, I'm going to argue that having a robot transformer chess set isn't going to make you less of a nerd. In fact it is going to crank the nerd factor up to 10 in my book. Actually, if you take away the chess component, and have anything that is essentially a toy robot (and you are over the age of 12), then you may as well turn the nerd amplifier up to 11. Just my 2c worth.

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