Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Queenstown - the norm watch

We're just about to reach the halfway point of the Queenstown International, which is the traditional time to start the 'norm watch'. These is where the possibility of players earning title norms starts to excite serious discussion. Of course it is possible to go too early on this, for example where a 2/2 start is being talked up, only to end in rapid disappointment. At the moment there are a few players who are already well placed for norms. Chris Wallis, Trevor Tao and Irene Sukandar are already performing above the IM performance level. In fact they are all performing above 2500, as are IM's Akshat Khamparia and James Morris. As both of these don't need the IM title, there eyes are set on the more difficult to achieve GM norm. But such is the cruel nature of chess that one unfortunate reverse can dash any hope of earning a norm. Even worse is when two aspirants are paired together, meaning that one may well be put out of the running. However for know, both the size and the strength of the field seems to have stopped this from happening.


Anonymous said...

The Aussies are generally outperforming their Kiwi cousins on a rating basis, across the "ditch". This can be explained by
1/ Ratings are a 'crock',
2/ New Zealanders are way over-rated.
Take Kevin Brown as an example, a 1700ish FIDE player is having some good results (He is, after all a good player!)
I predict he will have a great tournament! Go Kevin!

Anonymous said...

It's all about titles evidently ?

Anonymous said...

Could it be about the beauty and wonder of the game of chess? Some of the most interesting games are played on the lower boards, I reckon.

Biondy said...

I think Irene (Irine) already had 3 IM norms. She needs to reach 2400 rating mark to be a full IM..
so I'm not sure about the norm here (bu I'm not familiar with the norm rules anyway)