Thursday, 5 January 2012

2012 Queenstown International

Not long until the start of the 2012 Queenstown International. At this stage there are 140 players, with 60 from the home country of New Zealand, and 52 from Australia. Of the titled players there 11 GM's, 11 IM's and 11 FM's. Curiously (from a numerical point of view) there are also 4 WGM's, 4 WIM's and 4 WFM's.
The organisers are putting together the final touches of the online coverage, with the live broadcast of the games being the centrepiece. There will also be live blogging from the venue so those that cannot make it can at least still participate in a small way.
Of course it isn't too late to enter, although cheap air tickets for overseas players may be hard to come by at short notice. However if you are still thinking of going then entry details can be found at the tournament website.
(Note: I will be a paid official at this event, but even if I wasn't, I still think it will be a fantastic tournament!)

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Anonymous said...

This is always a good tournament. Why? Because the Australian Chess Federation hasn't ruined it.....yet!
They have tried though, by implimenting their stupid, ill thought out, turd of a rating system and applying it to Australian nationals who choose to play.