Sunday, 15 January 2012

Queenstown 2012 - Round 1

A very long first day has almost come to an end. With a long time control and a 3:00 pm round start, I suspect there will be plenty of post 11pm finishes. Even is today's supposedly 'easy' round, there were a couple of games that went over the 6 hour mark.
The day itself got off to a surprising start, with the hills around Queenstown covered in snow. Although the snow didn't make it all the way down to the town, the cold made my morning walk quite bracing. After a bit of exercise, the next few hours were spent making the playing hall ready for the tournament. A lot of this was due to the need to correctly program the clocks, but fortunately this should only need to be done once. A last minute technical check of the broadcast/blogging systems, a 20 minute opening ceremony, and we were under way.
With 74 games in progress I though there would be a number of upsets, but it tuned out that there were only a few. Ryan Louie scored the first in from the bottom half beating Quentin Johnson, while Jean Watson win over her higher rated opponent caused some distress (for the opponent).
There were also a number of semi-upsets (ie drawn games), with Hans Gao drawing an ending(!) with IM Stephen Solomon, and Jamie-Lee Guo splitting the point with WIM Sue Maroroa. It would also be remiss of me not to mention (and in fact show), the following draw between Harry Press and IM Russell Dive.

Press,Harry - Dive,Russell [B03]
Queenstown International Queenstown, 15.01.2012

Round 2 begins at 3pm NZ Time (1 pm Canberra Time) so folow the live games and coverage at


Coco and Ginger said...

Go Harry go!!!!

Otto said...

It looks like a good start for Harry

Anonymous said...

Cudos !!

Anonymous said...

A rubbish game by the NZ IM. Do they give out IM titles in Corn Flakes packets in NZ do they? Isn't Russell Dive the player who lost to an Australian girl a few years ago?
Well done by Harry Press but he wasn't up against much of an opponent?
IM (sic) Russell Dive played like a sub 1000 ACF player.

Anonymous said...

Aspergers Central ;-)