Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2011-12 Australian Championship - Johansen takes lead

GM Darryl Johansen has taken the outright lead in the 2011-12 Australian Championship. After beating top seed GM Zong Yuan Zhao in round 6, he defeated 2nd seed IM George Xie in round 8. IM Vladimir Smirnov, who shared the lead with Johansen in round 7, walked into a mate in 1 against IM Stephen Solomon to fall back to equal second, a point behind. Solomon's win pushed him into a share of second, along with Zhao, who defeated Domagoj Dragicevic in this round.
Tomorrow is the second rest day for the tournament, with the Australian Lightning Championship and the Australian Chess Federation's National Conference filling the day for this with an interest in that sort of thing.

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Anonymous said...

Had I not been banned by 'Chesschat' for being wiser, smarter and more intelligent than Gletsos, his sock puppet, Bonham and in turn his whipping boy Firegoat combined, I would have predicted this!