Friday, 27 January 2012

Oh, Gibraltar

Normally I have a bit of a moan about missing the Gibraltar tournament, but having just returned from Queenstown, I think I'll give the whinging a bit of a miss this year. Once again the event has attracted a strong field, with regular visitor Peter Svidler the top seed. However he has got off to a slow-ish start, drawing with GM Artur Jussopow in rd 2, and IM Anna Muzychuk in the third round. There are 5 players on 3/3, including "home" players Nigel Short and Michael Adams. In the 256 player field there are 56 GM's, 3 WGM's, 34 IM's and 4 WIM's. There is one Australian player, James Attwood (1.5/3) and one honorary Australian, Henrik Mortensen (1/3). The tournament again boasts a terrific website and you can see all the result and live coverage (including audio commentary) from there.

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