Saturday, 14 January 2012

Big tournament blues

The title of this post is actually a little misleading, as getting the 2012 Queenstown International underway has been pretty smooth so far. Today was registration day, with most of the 148 player field arriving at the venue. There were a couple of players who have yet to appear, which explains the players at the bottom of the draw. This can sometimes cause some difficulties in the first round, as often players miss the registration due to events beyond there control, but are able to play the next day. Under these circumstances the players do get paired, but only after the rest of the games have started.
The other major activity was the testing of the live broadcast system. The tournament will be showing the top 7 boards each round, and today's test showed that the new DGT Live system has solved a large number of set up problems. Running the new software under Ubuntu, it was a simple matter of plugging in the boards and clicking a few buttons.
The tournament will start at 3pm NZ time, which is 1pm Canberra time. The top seeds are paired against a number of 1900+ rated players, with Karl Zelesco up against tournament top seed Li Chao. Visit the tournament website for the live coverage as well as live blogging from the venue hall.

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Anonymous said...

This really is a fascinating anthropological excercise! We thought only sheep display 'sheep like' behaviour. Wrong! Watch the "Aussie" chess contingent. Isn't this exactly the same mob that plays in any chess tournament on the Eastern seaboard of Australia?
Do ANY chess players have a "life"? Do they have a career? Do they have kids?