Thursday 20 October 2022

Things are crook in Tallarook

 There is one round left to play in the 2022 Asian Seniors, but the event has been hit by a covid outbreak. Round 8 saw a number of games unplayed (won/lost on forfeit) and it is unclear who will make it for the final round.

As things stand IM Gary Lane holds a one point lead with 7.5/8 in the Over 50 event. The only player who can catch him is FM Arlan Cabe, who is on 6.5. FM Alexei Kulashko is in 3rd place on 6 points, and is hoping to finish in the top 3 to collect his 4th (or 5th) IM norm.

In the over 65 event FM Efrem Bagamasbad also holds a 1 point lead, on 7/8. Miles Patterson is a point behind on 6, with FM Bob Smith and Hilton Bennett on 5.5. 

There has been a draft set of pairings released for both events, but this may change, depending on RAT's and other factors.

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