Friday 14 October 2022

2022 World Junior

 The 2022 World Junior Championship is being held on the island of Sardinia, Italy (somewhere I have always wanted to visit). There are 2 Australian representatives, FM Albert Winkelman in the Open, and Jody Middleton in the Girls.

After 3 rounds, Winkelman is on 2/3, winning in both rounds 2&3. He defeated IM Jagadeesh Siddarth, and will play IM Jose Veiga in round 4. Having started the event playing 3 IM's in 4 rounds, Winkelman is already well placed to aim for an IM norm from this tournament.

Middleton is on 1/3, having also playing a tough (and titled) field. Showing the strength of this tournament, her round 4 opponent is 2138 WFM Laman Hajiyeva. 

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