Tuesday 18 October 2022

A glorious swindle

 The charm of events like Asian Seniors (apart from the chess), is the social get together.Tony Dowden is currently playing this event, and doing quite well.  On the way to dinner one evening he recounted the time he pulled off an outrageous swindle against IM Alex Wohl. As he tells it, decided to offer a hot pawn, which Wohl took. The follow up was to offer up the exchange, which Wohl, also took. He then 'allowed' his bishop to be trapped, which Wohl should not have done. After Wohl played the fateful move, Dowden unleashed Qxf2+, which lead to a forced mate. 'Oh, that's mate' was Wohl's final reply.

Wohl, Aleks - Dowden, Tony
New Zealand Championship

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