Thursday 6 October 2022

2022 European Club Cup

 The 2022 edition of the European Club Cup has attracted plenty of media attention, due in part to the participation of World Champion Magnus Carlsen and FIDE Deputy President Vishwanathan Anand. This year sees over 70 teams taking part in the Open and Women's section, in part due to the rule that each federation can send up to 5 teams. While this has increased the number of teams taking part, it has also seen a few Australian players sneak in as well. The Celtic Tigers team has both Fedja Zulfic and Chris Skulte playing for them, with the team scoring 1 win and 2 losses after 3 rounds. 

Round 2 saw Zulfic draw against his higher rated opponent, in a very combative game.

Zulfic,Fedja (2157) - Heinola,Vesa (2265) [B28]
37th European Club Cup (2.3), 04.10.2022

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