Wednesday 12 October 2022

3rd GM norm for Raymond Song

 IM Raymond Song looks to have had a productive trip to Europe, scoring his 2nd and 3rd GM norms over the northern summer.  In June he tied for 1st in the Silver Lake Open (Serbia) with 7/9, with a 2603 performance rating. After a few more events, he scored his 3rd norm at the October First Saturday event in Budapest, finishing on 7/9 and performing at 2610. 

Song, who formerly played for Australia (and NZ), now represents Chinese Taipei and only needs to get his rating above 2500 to confirm the title. Currently he is just short (by 3 points if I can add up correctly), and should be able to get his live rating above 2500 at his next event.

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Anonymous said...

Song has already had a live rating over 2500.