Tuesday 4 January 2022

I believe in miracles ...

 GM Nigel Short is currently playing in a strong international open in Italy, having recently come out of hospital after being treated for Covid. He didn't get off to the best start, being held to a draw in round 1, and his round 2 game at one stage was even worse. On move 14 he found his king being forced to move to e7, but move 15 was the real blunder, allowing a fork on f7. Although his opponent did not immediately take the rook, Shirt was soon down the exchange, and acing a strong attack. In his own words, he was considering resigning, but then a miracle occurred. His opponents phone rang, and the game was instantly over (with a win for Short). Bad luck for the opponent, but there should be no excuse for letting this happen. Short himself once lost a game in similar circumstances, so there is consistency in this ruling. Sometimes it is this kind of luck that is enough to kick start a tournament run, so it will be interesting to see how he plays this evening.


Candian,Lorenzo (1966) - Short,Nigel D (2633) [C03]
Vergani Cup January chess24.com (2.10), 03.01.2022

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