Tuesday 11 January 2022

Before this blog

 I have been writing this blog for almost 15 years now, but there were things I did before this. There was in fact a lot of writing, in the shape of tournament bulletins, club newsletters and most notably, Australian Chess Forum. 

One of the last things I did before starting this blog was to organise the 2006-7 Australian Open. As part of this Stephen Mugford and myself put together the tournament website, which contained a lot of useful information. Somewhat surprisingly, the website is still online at https://actjcl.org.au/ausopen2006/index.html 

Apart from tournament results etc, you can download (or read online) the full set of tournament bulletins from this event (which was won by Zong-Yuan Zhao). While I was mainly busy as the event organiser, I did take time to play in the Major event, finishing 4th, in part due to the following final round win.

Press,Shaun - Ali,Mos [B03]
2006-7 Australian Major, 07.01.2007

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