Thursday 7 January 2021

What is this trickery?

 Fred Litchfield has just passed on to me a curious tale of chess brilliance combined with chess ignorance. Playing an online game, he was being outplayed by a lower rated opponent (who shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons) and was soon down a piece. His king was then caught in a mating net and after 42.g4+ it looked like he had been checkmated. But that pesky en passant rule game to the rescue and Fred avoided instant death with 42. ... fxg3 ep 

It was at this point his opponent (who had completely outplayed a 2300) asked "what trickery had just been conjured up" (NB The server even added a button to the move to explain the en passant rule). No doubt shocked by such magic, the immediate recapture of the pawn by White allowed Fred to sacrifice both rooks to leave himself stalemated!

Anonymous (2204) - Litchfield, Fred (2307) [B30]
Online, 06.01.2021

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