Wednesday 6 January 2021

Shaun with a W

 When I began playing competition chess back in 1982, one excellent resource was the Canberra Times chess column, which in those days was written by Dr George Stern. While George was an average club player, he was both a highly regarded writer, and quite adept at convincing the newspaper to give him as much space as he needed. As a result a typical chess column (which appeared twice week), carried at least one game, international news, and a round up of all the happenings at the local clubs.

My first appearance in the column occurred towards the end of 1982, when I played the ACT Junior Championships, and then the Australian Junior in early 1983. Looking back at the columns (which can be found at I realised that at least for the early part of my career, he spelled my first name as Shawn! Fortunately as I progressed, George worked out the correct spelling, including in the game given in this column

Press,Shaun - Hartstein,Alan [B00]
Inter-Schools, 04.07.1983

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