Monday 11 January 2021

ACTJCL Summer Swiss

 The ACT Junior Chess League has just started a new event, designed to provide more serious competition for up and coming juniors (and adults). The ACTJCL Summer Swiss is a 7 week invitational event, which is being held at Campbell High. The 28 player field consists of 14 junior players and 14 adult players. Although the adult players are generally seeded towards the top of the event, the field is actually quite 'graduated', with 2 or 3 players in each 100 point rating band.

Today saw the first round played, and although most of the top seeds eventually won, there were a lot of hard fought games. Probably the most interesting game was the biggest upset of the round, with bottom seed Hunter Sanchez beating the current ACT Junior Champion, Dexuan Kong. 

Sanchez,Hunter (609) - Kong,Dexuan (1455) [C29]
ACTJCL Sunday Summer Tournament Canberra AUS (1), 10.01.2021

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