Wednesday 13 January 2021

Dude, I can see the tricks.

 While there are some gambits that look fun to play, they often aren't actually that fun to play. This is because (a) they are unsound and (b) the threats are just too obvious. As an example here is a game from the lower boards of the 1992 Chess Olympiad, showcasing the Stafford Gambit (3 ... Nc6). Black surrenders a pawn, not so much for actual compensation, but simply in the hope that White goes wrong somewhere. Not only does White see most of the tricks, he actually kept all 8 pawns on the board until he exchanged one in return for a forced mate!

Righi,Ezio (2205) - Warlick,John W (2205) [C42]
Manila ol (Men) 30th Manila (13.2), 22.06.1992

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