Monday 18 January 2021

ACTJCL Summer Swiss Rd 2

 The second round of the 2021 ACTJCL Summer Swiss saw wins for the top seeds, and Fred Litchfield, Harry Press and Miles Patterson share the lead on 2/2. Further down there were a few upsets (and semi upsets), the most notable being a win by Erin Milne over Paul Dunn. 

One of the more interesting games was between Miles Patterson and Lee Forace. On move 19 Forace (as Black) played g6, and Patterson immediately played Bg7. While this is normal if the pawn on g6 and the bishop are of the same colour, but I'm not sure I have ever seen a player fianchetto his bishop on the opponents side of the board!

Patterson,Miles (1944) - Forace,Lee (1648) [A13]
ACTJCL Sunday Summer Tournament Canberra AUS (2), 17.01.2021

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