Sunday 4 October 2020


 I have just realised, to some embarrassment, that I don't really have many books on Mikhail Tal. My only game collection is "Tal's 100 Best Games" by Cafferty, but this only covers the period from 1960 to 1973. While trips to bookshops outside Canberra is fairly limited at the moment, when I do hit the road, I do know what gaps in my library I will be looking to fill.

Nonetheless, the Cafferty book is a good read. Recently I have been doing some coaching using the Fischer v Najdorf game from the 1962 Olympiad, which Fischer won in 24 moves. Interestingly enough, Najdorf suffered a similar two years earlier against Tal, getting crushed as Black in only 26 moves. Here is the game, which is Game 2 in Cafferty's book.

Tal,Mihail - Najdorf,Miguel [B42]
Leipzig ol (Men) fin-A Leipzig (6), 02.11.1960

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