Friday 9 October 2020

2020 Asian Nations Cup

 The 2020 Asian Nations Cup (online) begins tomorrow event at 5pm Canberra time. Following on from the success of the 2020 Online Chess Olympiad, the event has attracted 40 countries from the Asian Chess Confederation. Unlike the Olympiad, this event has an Open and Women's section, and will be run as a 9 round swiss, followed by a KO final series.

Australia is the 6th seed on the Open, and the 4th seed in the Women's. India is the top seed in both sections, with China not entering this event. There will be 3 rounds played on the first weekend (Open Saturday, Women's Sunday), with the reaming 6 rounds played the following weekend (Friday to Monday). The top 8 teams then qualify for a knockout final which will be played the weekend after. As it is a swiss, the actual pairings won't be known in advance, but you can find out more information at The games themselves will be played on and you can follow the event there.

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