Wednesday 14 October 2020

5d Chess

 A common political trope is that one side or the other is playing '4-D Chess'. This implies that they are both smart (by playing chess) and super duper smart, because they are playing a form of chess that everyone else fails to understand. Ironically, this is usually wheeled out when defending particularly clueless politicians, by people who don't actually understand 2-D Chess.

Normally the step beyond '4-D Chess' is of course '5-D Chess', but it turns out that this is a real thing. The details of it can be found here. Having looked at it a couple of times, I know it involves time travel, split timelines, and some getting used to. Apart from that I am none the wiser on how to actually play the game well, but given enough time (boom boom!) I may look into it.

(HT to Mark Scully for sending me the link)

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