Friday 16 October 2020

2020 Asian Nations Cup - Rounds 4,5 and 6

 The 2nd weekend of the 2020 Asian Online Nations Cup  got off to a better start than the first weekend, with most rounds (bar the first), starting within a sensible time. For the Australian team is was a particularly good evening, as they won all three of their matches and are now tied for equal second. They are on 10 points, one point below Iran, who they lost to in the 3rd round. While finishing anywhere in the top 8 will qualify them for the finals, a higher placing may result in an easier path in the knockout section.

Of the other teams from Oceania, both Fiji and Guam are performing above their seeding, with 6 points each. In what was a real upset, Fiji defeated New Zealand 2.5-1.5 in round 4,  while Guam beat a strong Syrian team in round 5. On the other hand, New Zealand hasn't really been able to get into gear and has only scored 3 match points at this stage.

The final 3 rounds of the Open will be on Sunday evening from 5pm Canberra time. The draw for round 7 hasn't been published yet, but an Australia v India match is a distinct possibility.


Mohammad Fahad,Rahman (2243) - Kuybokarov,Temur (2134) [A00]
Asian Nations (Regions) Men Online Cup 2 (4.4), 16.10.2020

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