Saturday 31 October 2020

Online longtime

 The Melbourne Chess Club is running the 2020 Hjorth Memorial as an online event, using long time controls. This has been tried in other places (including a number of events here in Canberra), and it has usually worked OK. However, events like this aren't being rated (or able to award title norms), and it is unlikely that they will be for the foreseeable future (if ever). 

The main reason isn't so much about guaranteeing that everyone is playing fairly, as much as the conditions on which the tournaments are being played are different from previous OTB events. Therefore it is difficult to justify awarding titles (or changing ratings) that are the equal of those earned in OTB chess, if they aren't earned under the same conditions. 

So until chess returns to normal (hopefully soon), or FIDE develop a separate,  online title system, events like this, important as they are, are just for fame and treasure.

Tan, Justin - Winkelman, Albert
MCC Hjorth Memorial 2020

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