Wednesday 5 August 2020

Sixpence none the richer

I purchased a fairly old chess book recently titled 'Chess & Draughts How to Play Scientifically'. While I'm not sure how much it will add to my chess ability, it did contain a number of other interesting sections. 
One of these sections was titled 'How to form a Chess and Draughts Club' and even contains a model set of rules for the club. It recommends a committee of 7 members, with 2 secretaries, and elections held every 6 months! First prize for each competition is a Silver Medal, and if a player wins three such competitions, they get to keep it permanently. 
The other condition (which dates the book somewhat) is the a membership fee is to be paid quarterly, and is set at sixpence a quarter. Taking the value of a sixpence to be 5c at the time (1935), this would equate to  a fee of $2.44 a quarter.

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Unknown said...

Interesting about the sixpence a quarter.

The Melbourne centenary Florin (2 shillings or 4 sixpences) from that time cost 3 shillings but a lot were melted down because they did not sell as times were still tough following the depression.

No doubt sixpence was not a lot, but not nothing.

cheers George Lester