Thursday, 13 August 2020


 Thursday morning is my usual exercise morning for me, which involves a very painful 5:30am wake up. While I don't necessarily see it as part of chess routine, keeping fit normally won't hurt your chess playing ability (unless you then fall asleep at the board).

However, I did see online a combination of chess and exercise that might be worth trying. The board and clock is placed on a flat piece of grass and the two players then have to assume the 'plank' position. When it is your move you can move to the pushup hold (ie arms fully extended), so you can see the board, move your piece, and press the clock (which is quite a challenge!). Then while your opponent is thinking you drop to the plank hold, until it is your move. If you break the hold (by collapsing) you lose the game. 

So there is an extra piece of strategy involved in doing this. You can take more time over each move than normal, hoping that your opponent will collapse, but if they don't, then you will find yourself short of time. The ultimate extension of this strategy is to not move at all, hoping that your opponent cannot hold a 5 minute plank, but if they can, then you are doomed.

(Sorry, no link to the video as I cannot re-find it)

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