Saturday, 8 August 2020

Never give up hope

 Helping with the 2020 FIDE Online Chess Olympiad is taking up most of my time (hence the lack of regular posting), but as a benefit, I do get to see a lot of interesting games. Watching this one live, I was impressed with how Black decided to end it.

Gong,Qianyun (2322) - Kanyamarala,Trisha (1811) [A00]
2020 FIDE Online Olympiad (2.5), 07.08.2020

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Pete (Ireland) said...

Thanks for this. Trisha is a much better player than her Rapid rating would suggest: her classical rating is 2193, and was 2299 earlier this year, which gives a better idea of her strength. She is playing in this in the morning, and in the (OTB) Irish Championship in the afternoon, in which she is doing well.