Monday, 17 August 2020

Canberra chess restarting

 Covid-19 restrictions in Canberra have been eased once again, and as a result the various clubs are restarting face to face play. The Tuggeranong Chess Club had their first meeting this evening, and the Canberra Chess Club is starting a 3 week rapid on Thursday. The Gungahlin Chess Club is still sorting out details with its venue, but hopefully there will be some good news on that front shortly.

One thing that will change is the amount of online chess being organised by the ACTCA. As the events were scheduled to match the times of the local clubs, these events will begin to disappear. The Monday night blitz is already gone, while the current Thursday standard event will run till completion (3 weeks to go), before stopping as well. The one event that is likely to keep running is the Wednesday Rapid, as it doesn't clash with any of the other clubs, and has generally been a popular event. 

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