Saturday 15 August 2020

Looking for clues

 Once a game is finished (in the past at least), there was often a post-mortem. However in this fast paced world of ours, the time for doing this is often quite limited. Instead post game analysis is done at home, usually without both players present.

In the following game, which was played at Street Chess today, White took advantage of a seemingly obvious move by Black to launch a quick, and eventually overwhelming attack. The move in question was 13. ... Bd7, which was a lot worse than say 13 ... Bxd3. When I fed this into chessbase, the first clue was that the evaluation jumped in White's favour. But the other, and more interesting clue, was in the output from the Chessbase Cloud engine, which stores previous analysis from Chessbase users. In the case of this game, the position after White's 13th move had been searched over 1000 times. After I entered 13. ... Bd7, this number dropped to 1 (which I assume was me!). This, more than anything else, points to it being the cause of Black's defeat.

Press,Harry - Chibnall,Alana [B90]
Street Chess , 15.08.2020

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